Sleeping Under Stars

by The Woodsheep

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We met, we fell in love, we traveled the world, and we came back home with this. Thank you for joining us under the stars.


released April 29, 2018

The Woodsheep:
Andrew Preston - banjo, piano, synthesizer, acoustic guitar, harmonica, ukulele, vocals
Austin Tackett - acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, vocals
Melissa Caskey - bass, autoharp, vocals
Matt Holleran - drums, vocals

Additional Musicians:
Jocelyn Mackenzie - vocals (11)
Raymond McLain - vocals (15), fiddle (5)
Steve Middleton - harmonica (10)
Leanna Price - fiddle (1, 5)
Wyatt Smith - whistling (11)
Sarah Wood - accordion (7)

Package Design:
Victoria Agosto-Gonzalez - painting
Patrick Stephenson - package design, layout, font
Heather Holleran - photography

Produced by Andrew Preston
Mixed and engineered by Andrew Preston and Austin Tackett
Mastered by Jesse Wells
Recorded at The Kentucky Center for Traditional Music
Special thanks to Denise Barbee for extra engineering help

All songs written by Andrew Preston and/or Austin Tackett except track 15.
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, & 14 published Woodsheep Music (BMI)
Tracks 1, 5, 7, 11, 12, & 13 published David Austin Tackett Publishing (BMI)

Track 15 written by Rosemary McLain (Country Life Music, BMI)

Special thanks to Grant Alden, Greta Salpeter, Katrina Hinds, William Johnson, and Scott Miller for all of the guidance and support.


all rights reserved



The Woodsheep Morehead, Kentucky

With frontman Andrew Preston’s whimsical songwriting, a collective of musicians, and their quirky live shows, The Woodsheep have become among the most recognizable mainstays of Appalachia’s burgeoning indie scene. Among their hallmarks: soaring harmonies, offbeat instrumentation, literarily dense lyrics steeped in folk storytelling tradition, all balanced by a healthy penchant for the absurd. ... more

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Track Name: 60 Stories High
Some days, the mountains are skyscrapers
60 stories high.
The deer trails are highways a-blazing through tunnels in my mind.

Some days, the treetops are flickering on and off
in the afternoon,
and the rain peppers down into glasses of the drunks in the room.

I got lost somewhere on the road.
What song can I sing from the mountains?
What song can I sing from the mountains?
What song can I sing from the mountains to bring myself home?

Some days, I dream in that old hotel
where visionaries croon,
but I’m sleeping at home all alone in the bed next to you.

From high above, the cityscape takes me back to a quieter place.
Wherein, I lie, in hushed unrest.
If I sold my soul, am I weary or blessed?
Track Name: Skedaddle
I get blue on stormy days,
but I heard a rustling from the weathervane,
and he said, “those clouds don’t wait around for anything.
You don’t like what you see, then close the window and

if your darlin’ don’t make you grin,
and if your politicians are wearing you thin.
If your old house is falling in, then
skedaddle, skedaddle, skedaddle to another one.”

I told that weathervane goodbye,
and I packed my bags up for bluer skies.
If those clouds wander back my way,
then I’ll dig me a daisy and fly away again.
Track Name: Lost
They say sleeping under stars is romantic,
but when the roof is a thousand miles away,
there’s a new definition to “the bright side”,
and stars are just old photographs that fade.

I find that I find all the lost ones
before I find myself.
Bumping into the startle of strangers on the street,
and strangers seem to treat you well.

I’m getting good at getting lost.
I’m betting dimes on better bucks.
Old friends tell me that I’ve found my way.
I’m not cut out for getting caught.
I’m getting good at getting lost these days.

No time for daydreams in the moonlight.
I’m bewildered by the books that began
when I stumbled into Sunday in Saturday’s clothes
into pages in the hands of the wrong kind of man.
Track Name: Counting Down the Raindrops
I know all will be just fine.
The starlings in the apple tree sing their song in time,
and the rain falls like it did when you were by my side,
but I'm counting down the raindrops til I dream of you tonight.
I'm counting down the raindrops til I dream of you tonight.

There are things I wish that I had known-
that winter would bite a little harder when you've gone.
But the frost still ambles up our window in a waltz,
and I lie beneath the snowfall, dancing with you in my thoughts.

The age of leaves in the fall will always show
on the old crooked tree you love that stands down the road.
And the rain still falls on our rooftop in the night,
so I'm counting down the raindrops til I dream of you tonight.
I'm counting down the raindrops til I dream of you tonight.
Yes, I'm counting down the raindrops til I dream of you tonight.
Track Name: Ketchikan
Fly me out to Ketchikan.
Come and catch me if you can.
I’m taking my baby out of town.

We’re going to get married by a sea of crabs,
and sail away on it for a moonlit dance.
Those year long nights won’t get me down.

Fly me to Alaska where the nights don’t ever end.
The Northern Lights are neon signs that love to spell out ‘friend’.
An Aurora Borealis covered honeymoon,
a neon bride, and a glowing groom
make the journey worth it in the end.

She makes that journey worth it in the end.
Track Name: 10 Watt Moon
When I stirred in the afterlight,
I found myself in the dusk, I knew
as the light ebbed out, I saw that broken bulb.
My heart did croon for the midnight moon.

The bad men had come so fast.
I should’ve waited up, stopped them myself.
A brilliant sphere once hung so high,
they replaced our muse with a 10 watt moon.

We woke up, it was very, very late.
He was gone so soon, he was gone too soon.
Had we known this would be his fate,
we wouldn’ta sold our tune to the 10 watt moon.

The weavers spin from nocturnal thread
a semblance of our familiar friend.
Astronomers have done us right,
sold us photographs of our former light.

The wisest advised us to persist.
“The 10 watt moon will help our eyes.”
But, I can’t see a damn thing in the dark.
I suppose that’s why I’m not wise.
Track Name: Canoe
You and me go riding in a canoe, canoe.
I can let my hair fall down. Can you? Can you?

Go and ride your bicycle, now, come on and tricycle now.
Come on down to town and ride with me.

We can roll on down the hill in a wagon, wagon.
We can fly our kites together. Flying! Flying!

Go and ride your bicycle, now, come on and tricycle now.
Come on down to town and ride with me.

She tried to run away from home,
but she ain’t allowed when mom and dad are gone.

So now she’s trottin’ ‘round the neighborhood in circles, circles.
Runnin' just as fast as them turtles, turtles.

Go and ride your bicycle, now, come on and tricycle now.
Come on down to town and ride with me.
Track Name: Redwood
The moon seldom stowed away in the nightfall
beneath quilts of laurel and dogwood entwined.
The mountains stood wide as a wildfire before me,
until that old redwood grew square in my eye.

I used to think a North wind had blessed me
with shade from this stranger to my coalfields and kin.
Until, with the ease of a North wind, it left me,
and uprooted my sorrows, my home, and my sins.

Redwood, if I could tear you down, I would, I would.

I’d rambled in boroughs for all of my childhood-
dark as the winter and deep in those hills-
till one day, he held me so high in the branches
and showed me the places that I’d never been.

Before that redwood, I was scared of changing.
I built my life from the stones of these hills.
But a cold day was looming and took down my redwood.
Though I long to forget him, I know I never will.

And somedays, I see our children in visions.
They’d revel on rope swings hung high in the trees.
They’d climb like their father in days past before them
in memories that linger as deep as the sea.
Track Name: Perspective of a Winter Leaf
Lingering on a brittle branch, I can see
the children in the hollow groves of frost at ease-
thistles buried to their necks in a frozen sea,
strawberries blooming on eager cheeks.

From high above, the wooded winter far below
beckons me with silk and song and falling snow.
With the wind’s caress, I sail away from all I know.
Many moons have passed since I have left my home.

Wanderers, in early light, have passed me by.
I find my place these chilly days by their side,
lost in winter wild.

My brothers and my sisters falling from the trees,
waltzing in the wind as they fall to sleep,
the crunching of our stillness far beneath their toes.
So much beauty in our resting souls.

The days have grown soft and still and shorter now,
with the dwindling of the breeze that shook me from the bough.
I will join them soon upon the weary earth,
but my oh my what a journey that it was!
Track Name: Cordie Stutchell
The foxes make coffee in the cool morning fog,
and the snakes all come crawling when you’re busy sawing logs.
Moonlight and moonshine and big old church bells.
That’s how I met Cordie Stutchell.

She stole all my songs and played them out of key
on the old church piano and brought me to my knees.
She stole all my heart and beat it out of time
in a blue dress drinking on her blackberry wine.

She sent us sailing through the neighbor’s wall
in my old truck wailing, “Oh, you’re going to take the fall!”
When they locked me up yesterday, oh, who should I see
but a big badge and a blue dress twirling all her keys?

Pretty girls and pretty boys won’t do you any good.
They’ll steal your songs and sing them like they never, ever should.
Moonlight and moonshine and big old church bells.
That’s how I met Cordie Stutchell.
Track Name: Happy (Falling Out of Love)
I don't know where my heart will go.
It's been a while since you left, you know.
But that's okay.
It's a brand new day.

I had a little more to eat
since I kicked you on the street.
But that's okay.
I was hungry anyway.

If the night gets cold, I'll start a fire.
If I need a friend, I'll make one up.
If I say I'm sad, I'll be a liar,
because life has filled my cup,
and I'm tipsy falling out of love with you.

Your shirt's the only one I wear
when I choose not to care,
and that's okay.
I patched the holes up either way.

The map we bought to see the world
is filled with pins and tacks galore.
And that's okay.
I've covered much more ground this way.

If my heart gets blue, I’ll grab some brushes
and paint it red as the dawn,
because it's that simple to paint a smile
now that you are gone,
and I’m giddy falling out of love with you.

If you ever decide to stop complaining
and decide you love me so,
I'll remember the time you walked out the door
and the other twenty times before.

I'm so happy falling out of love with you.
Track Name: The End
How high we flew, passing the stars and moon.
Your eyes reflecting a phase from a comet's remains.

We touched our feet on a ring in Jupiter's fleet.
We said our vows with a halo all around.

Everything I see means everything to me.
Not a star shines bright as you tonight.

I say, "It's the end of time, I know."
You say, "It's the end of time for us."
The end of time for us.

A big bang came- sparks of light drenched in flame.
You float away easy as you came.

At Pluto's end, I try to make my bed,
but with a spin, your light hits me again.

Many moons have passed riding this planet's back.
I long for your soul as much as a black hole.

I know it's the end of time.
Track Name: What Are We Doing Out So Late At Night?
Sitting alone with the moon,
I thought I’d give the Earth some room.
Sleepy people in their beds,
but sleepy people I’ll forget.

The lightning bugs, they surely are
constellations trapped in jars.
Those little lanterns light the way
for the moon, the lightning bugs, and me.

Oh, what are we doing out so late at night?

If I wake up to sundial alarms.
I won’t miss modern clockwork charm,
and if I sleep in all damn day,
I’ll just dream myself awake.
Track Name: Same Old Love Songs
I keep on writing the same old love songs,
but they don’t do you any justice on their own.
They tell me perfect songs don’t exist,
but the music in your soul, they haven’t known like I have.

If I could just catch a note, I’d play it on repeat
for a while.
Oh, how the record could spin, and I’d sail across your skin so sweetly.

Just for a spell, let’s take a chance.
I was born just to dance to your tune for a while.

I keep on writing the same old love songs,
but none catch my feet quite like yours do.
Like a sailor lost in the song of the tide,
I’d drown in the sound just to keep you alive.

But I’m an old dog, old tricks.
An empty handed hunting hound.
And I howl those old love songs when you come around.
Oh, darling, how I wish we could’ve lived that life,
but I’m writing the same old love songs time after time.
Track Name: Sail Away
I’ll be walking to the water in the shadows of the night.
You won’t be seeing me again when darkness turns to light.
It’s much too hard to know my dreams are never coming true.
I just can’t see me hanging around. Got nothing left to do, but…

sail away, sail away.
I’ll pack up all my dreams and sail away.
Sail away, sail away.
I’ll pack up all my dreams and sail away.

Babe, I’ve known it for some time. This life is not for me.
Before my days are over, I’ve got other shores to see,
but the thing that grieves me most of all is leaving you behind.
I never thought I’d say goodbye, but I’ve made up my mind, to…

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